Due to a scheduled GPL maintenance, GPL prepaid transactions through MMG will be unavailable on Saturday, Jan 6th from 10:00hrs to 11:00hrs.
We apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Lookout for launch The new mmg+ app and web portal make doing business better. They’re easy to use with more security and improved features…and we’re launching soon!

As part of this process we will need to update your user information.

Our team will be working with you to update your business information to facilitate a seamless transition to the new mmg+ app and web portal.

We will also provide free training for your staff.

Here are key features you can look forward to with the new mmg+ app and web portal:

  • Will also be available on iPhone
  • Ability to transact via our web portal: www.mymmg.gy
  • Available on any mobile network
  • It’s easy to use and saves you and your employees time
  • Enhanced security features including password protection
  • Password reset and secret questions
  • QR codes for merchants
  • Secure, two-step subscriber registration
  • Transaction reports
  • Bulk or single payment uploads for enterprises

A member of our Partner Support Group will contact you to update your business information:
Elrick Chapman, Rashawna Quintin and Aniko Williams

Call: 227-9185, 227-9186, 227-9187, 227-9188, 227-9189, 227-0499

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 654-1190

Do not disclose your PIN:
Please note that mmg+ will never ask you for your Personal Identification Number.