Refer a Friend - FAQs

The Refer A Friend campaign rewards you for $500 for referring mmg to your family and friends with Digicel mobile accounts. The person you refer will also be rewarded $500 when they register.

Step 1: The mmg subscriber will receive their unique referral link via SMS (text message) and email from mmg.

Step 2: Share the link with your family and friends who do not have an mmg account. The link can be shared via any available channels (WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, SMS etc.)

Step 3: Your family or friend submits an application via the online application form.

Step 4: Once the online application is approved (24-48 hours), you receive $500 and your friend receives $500 in their respective mmg+ wallets instantly.

You, the mmg subscriber, earns $500 every time someone you refer successfully registers for mmg. The person you refer also earns $500.

You can refer any person who is 18 years and older. This person must have a Digicel mobile number that is not currently registered for an mmg account.

The person you referred must be successfully registered. This means that they must submit all the relevant documents and included all the information in the online application form.

Yes, you must be registered as an mmg+ subscriber to refer family and friends to benefit from the $500 reward

An SMS notification will be sent to you when your family or friend is successfully registered.

After the person’s registration has been reviewed and approved by mmg. $500 will be added to your mmg wallet instantly

You will receive $500 in your mmg wallet every time the person(s) you refer successfully registers. The person you receive their reward in their mmg wallet when they successfully register.

For this phase of the campaign, there are no limits to the number of persons you can refer nor the number of times you can earn your reward.

You will only earn $500 from your referral once the person(s) you refer registers during the promotion period (June  12 – July 31, 2023).

Your referral code will be sent to you via email and SMS.

Your unique code will be automatically entered into the Referral code field on the application form once your family or friend uses the link you shared to register.

If your friend does not use your link to sign up then you nor your friend will be able to earn the $500 reward.

You can share your referral code throughout your network. Some of the popular ways to share the code include:

  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • SMS (text message)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram

Contact our customer service team via email, phone or Chat. You can also message us on Facebook.