how it works

How To
    • Open the MMG+ App
    • Choose Buy/Sell Top-up
    • Enter the amount and the mobile number you are Topping Up
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select “Confirm”
    Or if you choose to use our easy-to-use USSD menu  
    • Using your GTT cell phone dial *123# and press Send
    • From the Main Menu select option 1- “C-Point Credit”
    • Then select either 1-Buy Top-Up or 2-Sell Top-Up
    • Enter the mobile number you are topping up
    • Enter the amount you wish to top-up
    • Confirm the amount
    • Enter your PIN
    • Once the transaction is successful you will receive an SMS confirmation

  • Enjoy safe and reliable electronic payments by uploading money from your RBL accounts to your mmg+ wallets.


    Follow the steps below to load your mmg+ wallet:


    Step 1: Log into your Republic Bank account online or with the mobile app

    Step 2: Click on "Pay" in the navigation menu

    Step 3: Click on "Company/ Utility Payments"

    Step 4: If you have preregistered mmg+, select “Preregistered”. If not, select “Other” and then tap on the mmg+ option

    Step 5: Enter your payment details and click ‘Continue’

    Step 6: Review your details and click ‘Confirm’ to complete the process


    To access a step-by-step demonstration video on how to load your mmg+ wallet via RBL Online Banking platform visit https://republiconline.republictt.com/RBLGuyana/ item 29- Subscribe to a Utility


    Note: Top-ups will be added on the next business day with the exception of Friday uploads which will be reflected on Monday (next business day).